Top 10 most common medical conditions in the world.

​10) Common Cold

9) Sexually Transmitted Diseases
8) Cholera- this is mostly found in Asian and African countries the symptoms are “diarrhea, dehydration, low blood pressure, vomiting, wrinkled hands; eyes get sunken, pulse get fast.” You usually get this though food and dirty water.
7) Meningitis- it’s is deadly. It is swelling around the spinal cord and brain. There is 2 kinds one is bacterial and one is viral.
6) Yellow Fever- this is common around South America and South Africa. It is from female mosquitoes.
5) Typhoid Fever- you can get this by contaminated water and food. Symptoms are ” high fever, headache, and constipation, red spots on the chest, enlarged liver, and malaise.”
4) Hepatitis- there is different kinds of Hepatitis you can get them from not properly clean silverware, dirty needles, or sex.
3) Diarrhea- almost everyone with has this at least one time in their life.
2) Tetanus- this can happen when you get led in you. Like you steep on a nail. This is caused by bacteria.
1) Malaria- this is common around Africa, South East Asia, and South America. This caused by mosquitoes biting you.

Do you agree that these are the most common medical conditions around the world. Comment and let me know. 


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