Top 10 most common medical conditions in the world.

​10) Common Cold

9) Sexually Transmitted Diseases
8) Cholera- this is mostly found in Asian and African countries the symptoms are “diarrhea, dehydration, low blood pressure, vomiting, wrinkled hands; eyes get sunken, pulse get fast.” You usually get this though food and dirty water.
7) Meningitis- it’s is deadly. It is swelling around the spinal cord and brain. There is 2 kinds one is bacterial and one is viral.
6) Yellow Fever- this is common around South America and South Africa. It is from female mosquitoes.
5) Typhoid Fever- you can get this by contaminated water and food. Symptoms are ” high fever, headache, and constipation, red spots on the chest, enlarged liver, and malaise.”
4) Hepatitis- there is different kinds of Hepatitis you can get them from not properly clean silverware, dirty needles, or sex.
3) Diarrhea- almost everyone with has this at least one time in their life.
2) Tetanus- this can happen when you get led in you. Like you steep on a nail. This is caused by bacteria.
1) Malaria- this is common around Africa, South East Asia, and South America. This caused by mosquitoes biting you.

Do you agree that these are the most common medical conditions around the world. Comment and let me know. 


Valentine’s Day

​There are many stories about how valentine’s Day got started but they all have one thing in common. They all have love, a man named valentine, and the man is a hero or romantic. Either a man helping Christian’s escape, marry young couples, or a man that was imprisoned that feel in love with the guards daughter. 

There is many stories so I am just going to talk about my favorite ones. I will not go in to a lot of details, because I have the link below if you want to read more about these 3 men.
One story says there was a man named valentine that was helping Christian’s escape Roman prisons. He was killed while doing this. They say the day he died is what we know now as valentine’s Day.

Another one says that Emperor Claudius II believe unmarried men would make better soldiers. So he outlawed young men getting married. Then valentine would secretly marry young couples that was in love. In this story he also was put to death after they found out what he was doing.

The last one and my favorite story is the one where valentine was imprisoned and he fell in love with the guards daughter. Before he was put to death he wrote a letter to this girl and signed it “from your valentine.” That is still used today on valentine’s Day. They believe either the day he sent that letter started valentine’s Day or maybe the day he died.

I love the history they believe is behind valentine’s Day but I do not care for the holiday. When your in school or helping your kids make them it’s fun. When you get older and you are in a relationship it is like a mandatory holiday. My husband has never had to buy me a flower or anything on this day. I do not think you should only show your love one day a year. Show me you love me everyday and I will show you. You do not have to buy things to show your love. It really is the little things in life that make it so great. People that love this holiday make me so happy because I know they are romantics and love the romance. Don’t get me wrong I love gifts and romance! I just do not like how the media makes it feel if you don’t get something on valentine’s Day you are not loved or you suck for not getting your other half something. When it shouldn’t be about money and who got the best gift. What if the man of your dreams can’t afford flowers? It should be about love like valentine who feel in love with the guards daughter and wrote her a note days before he was killed. Would you want a man that couldn’t buy you a gift every holiday or birthday, but showed you every single day how much you mean to him. Or a man that could buy you everything you wanted but only showed you he appreciates you on those certain days? Me personally I would want a man to show me everyday. I don’t care about money as long as we have bills paid, food to eat, a place to live, and everything our kids need. What else do I need in life when I have my family. I know I am a sucker for romance when the media isn’t acting like it has to be done that day.

Who knows what the real story is. Maybe there is no story and it was just made up to make money. What do you think?

Let me know what you think about the post!!  

First blog post

Hello, my name is Annabelle. I started this blog as a hobby. I have never been good at spelling or putting sentences together. I have always been a math and science person. Please don’t be hateful when commenting. If you do not agree with my post or just do not like them because I am not the best with grammar. Be nice email or comment with your feedback. I do want to know if you do not like it or ways I could get better at writing. I do this for fun and want the people that read and comment to have fun. I want you to laugh and maybe learn something new. I want you to comment or email me. I want to learn new stuff also. I will post my first real blog tomorrow. Take a look and let me know what you think! 🙂 Thank You